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Sowerby Bridge Children’s Centre Services













Sowerby Bridge children's centre services are delivered from St Paul's Methodist Church and St Peter's Church Sowerby.  We work in partnership with a variety of different public, private and voluntary agencies including local schools, childcare providers, health professionals, parent and toddlers groups to ensure all children have the best possible start in life.


St Paul's Methodist Church, Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2EQ

St Peter's Church Sowerby, St Peter's Ave, Sowerby Bridge, Sowerby HX6 1HA

Telephone: Contact Todmorden Children's Centre on 01706 399970



Timetable for Sowerby Bridge Children's Centre Services


Please note that you may not be able to take your pram into Children’s Centre services and may be required to leave it in the designated area/pram store/garage.


Please note:
If women are newly pregnant and needing an appointment they need to ring the Maternity Booking Line,

Mon – Fri 08:30 – 12:30 – 01422 261351

If they already have a midwife and are receiving maternity care and they need NONE URGENT advice they can contact the advice line, 
Mon – Fri  - 08:30 – 4:30, call 01422 261364